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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s kungphoo?

​Kungphoo is a platform for buyers, sellers, promoters and information seekers to come together for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship – It let’s you buy, sell, search or promote anything collectively to maximize desired outcomes.

Is there a charge for kungphoo?

​No, it’s free – completely!

Can anyone open circle?

​Yes - There are no restrictions for opening a circle. As long as you are looking to buy, sell, promote products, services, offerings, information etc. we welcome you to open a circle & share it with as many people as possible. The more people join your circle the bigger the benefit to everyone.

Is my circle public?

​Yes, everyone can see your circle, but only people who join will be able to make comments, send private messages, & share circles.

What are Hot circles?

Hot Circles are the circles that are joined the most, or have the most activity at any given time.

What are New circles?

Any New Circles that were just posted.

What is my kungphoo? (Your Account)

Dashboard: This where all your private messages are saved, like your own inbox, and it also shows the most recent circles you have joined.

My Circles: Inside My Circles you can view all of your created and joined circles. From here you can jump directly into a circle and join in the conversations or edit your created circles.

Messages: This is a separate inbox for all your private messages.

Edit Profile: Here you can change your personal information, such as email address, password, and sync your profile to work together with your facebook account if you choose to do so.

Edit Profile Image: Upload a new Avatar (Photo) of yourself so you can see yourself inside the circle! Maximum size is 500x500 2mb.