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Frequently Asked Questions

What are New circles?

Any New Circles that were just posted.

How can I sell or list an offer?

When creating a circle there are required fields for selling. Make sure they are filled out and any other pertinent information should be listed in the description box. Fill in the “Buy Link” box with your destination link – this is where the buyer will be taken to finalize the transaction – i.e paypal, your personal or business shopping cart or however you want to get paid! If the Buy Link box is left blank, no button will appear and prospective buyers may contact you directly via the message owner button to work out the details of the transaction.

How can I build a default paypal buy link?

​Login to and click on “Merchant Services” tab. Then click “create payment buttons for your website.” Fill in the information and hit the create button. On the following page click the email tab then Click Select Code to select all the button code. Copy the code (CTRL+C for Windows, CMD+C for Mac—or right-click and choose Copy.) Paste the code into the “Buy Link” text box on your kungphoo circle creation page.

Does kungphoo get involved in the sale?

No, Kungphoo is just a platform, so as a seller you must explain your selling process or offer to prospective buyers or responders so that they can make an informed decision (i.e. accepted payment methods, terms etc).

How Can I buy or access offers?

Join a sellers circle to buy their product or service or to access their offer. Make your purchase or respond to offers depending on the seller’s process. By clicking the sellers “Buy This” button you will be directed to their payment processing page. You may message the seller directly or any of the other people in the circle – once you join.

Does kungphoo handle my buying transaction?

No, kungphoo is just a platform so you must handle that with the seller. Their terms will usually be spelled out in their circle. You may also message them directly or others in the circle.

Can I only buy or sell products or services?

​No, any offering can be made. For example if you’re a restaurant offering 50% off on Thursday night dinner or a travel agency offering a package – you can promote it on kungphoo and offer your desired access to the deal i.e. (printable, web link etc.)

What is my kungphoo? (Your Account)

Dashboard: This where all your private messages are saved, like your own inbox, and it also shows the most recent circles you have joined.

My Circles: Inside My Circles you can view all of your created and joined circles. From here you can jump directly into a circle and join in the conversations or edit your created circles.

Messages: This is a separate inbox for all your private messages.

Edit Profile: Here you can change your personal information, such as email address, password, and sync your profile to work together with your facebook account if you choose to do so.

Edit Profile Image: Upload a new Avatar (Photo) of yourself so you can see yourself inside the circle! Maximum size is 500x500 2mb.

How do I navigate Kungphoo on a mobile device?

​Depending on the orientation of the mobile device, there maybe a navigate option at the top. If you see this click on it, this will create a scroll to “your account”, a check mark will apply, click done, and a login window will come up. You can use this scroll as your complete navigation area when the phone is in portrait position, as this “acts” as the website header in this position.

How do I join a circle on a mobile device?

​Click the “join” button and you will be placed in the circle where you can discuss the circle or private message anyone inside the circle. You can also share it to Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or email it to your contact list.