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Technology advancements in Travel didn’t just stop online booking and portals. From virtual-reality to drone photography, new technology is continuing to influence the way plan and execute...

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Travelomatix- Future Technology Trends

Created by: travelomatix
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Technology advancements in Travel didn’t just stop online booking and portals. From virtual-reality to drone photography, new technology is continuing to influence the way plan and execute our travel. Convenient, effervescent, Automated and Personalized travel is where the future technology is heading towards. There are many futuristicis working on: technologies that Travelomatix

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Let’s have a look at some Technology Trends coming to us:

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) were seen as wildly futuristic, but such has been the rapid pace of technology advancement. Customer-facing robots in airport terminals are not a new trend today. Back in 2013 Geneva Airport launched its first trial of a customer service robot. There was another robot introduced at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam which guided groups of passengers directly to their departure gate, it is designed to recognize emotions, consider group behavior and proactive response to unexpected situations, potentially providing a new-generation customer service and passenger experience tool.

Every day, passengers miss their connecting flights due to delays, problems finding their way around the airport or language barriers. The process can be improved by fitting in robotics to this process. This will also make the customers have a great experience. The important role of Artificial Intelligence has is to improve operations and the passenger experience.

Smart baggage Smart baggage solutions will be one of the useful and sought after trend as Millions of bags are mishandled by airlines each year, at a cost to the industry of hundreds of millions of dollars and upset customers. Biometric-enabled bag drop will help conclude baggage mishandling. The New baggage tracking device for frequent flyer’s, and multiple vendors are redefining the travel behavior and buying patterns as their futuristic bags are publicly available. These new luggage tracking systems are generally designed to shut down when your bag is stored on board a plane and then turn on again upon landing.


People love to travel and what they love more is sharing those travel experiences with the world. Within the last few years, affordable consumer grade drones with cameras have taken to the skies by the thousands. Travel enthusiasts are capturing an environment or event from a bird’s eye view, affording massive views and sublime images to be captured with ease and setting travel goals for everyone who view it. Whether or not the number is accurate, unmanned aerial vehicles for hobbyists are so popular.

With so many drones in consumers’ hands, they want to go on a vacation and get awesome aerial shot of their adventures like no regular camera or smart phone could capture. This creates a bandwagon effect and makes all the viewers crave for it. Of course, social media has an important role to play in this process too.

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Virtual Reality

Technology! This is become the Keyword when it comes to Travel. Virtual reality tech may be in its infancy, but that hasn’t stopped the travel sector grabbing hold of this opportunity and realizing its benefits. The travel and tourism industry is all about selling an experience; a feeling, a landscape, the history of a particular destination. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through compelling imagery, storytelling and user accounts, among other approaches.

That’s why Virtual Reality is definitively the most exciting innovation in travel and tourism marketing today. It enables people to live and experience, albeit for a short time, directly from their living rooms or your experiential hub. The potential of VR in travel and tourism marketing is vast. Just think, with VR you can take anyone on a guided tour of your city, island or country from anywhere in the world.

To get a better idea of what we’re talking about take a look at this website, dedicated to 360-degree video and photography. Virtual tours can help you make better travel decisions, not just the feeling of being somewhere else. Virtual travel is no different than navigating around the world via Google Earth and Google Maps, but VR offers a more immersible experience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) allows the seamless overlay of computer graphics onto the real world to add more information enhance the perception of reality .The opportunity for the application of this software in the tourist industry are vast. Augmented reality technology, however, is revolutionizing the traveler’s experience by making the planning journey much more seamless, interactive, and simple. This technology makes it possible to layer digital enhancements over an existing reality or real life scenario.

Augmented Reality for Tourism has tremendous potential to take your experience to the next level. Digital content like 3D animations, video, audio, images, charts, signals & indicators etc. can superimposed on devices. Based on a specific set of parameters like time, location, person and fiducial (trigger), a cloud based infrastructure etc.

Augmented Reality Tourism Apps can generate relevant content to hand held devices. Augmented reality is where the real future Travel Technology lies. Travel industry trends are always changing as technology drives new opportunities. This can give rise to new business ideas and create new revenue streams for Travel Technology companies. The global travel industry, and the way in which consumers experience it, is changing so dramatically that it requires a fundamental change to the way in which travel is sold and how the traveler is served.

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