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Often unsure of what is actually needed, people end up carrying a lot more gadgets and technology than they...

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Travelling with Technology

Created by: travelomatix
Circle Type: Information
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Often unsure of what is actually needed, people end up carrying a lot more gadgets and technology than they should. Here are a few things you actually need.

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Smart Phone

Though this is an obvious option. A smart phone will generally meet all your requirements during your travel. They can translate speech, signage, convert currencies, and the list goes on. You could also use your cellular card if you have international roaming or you could get a local cellular card and use it. Irrespective of the cellular card you can stay connected using your wifi on your smartphone. Make sure you install useful travel applications on your smartphones for your travel.

The smartphones also come handy when you want to click an instant selfie or capture something wonderful you see on your travel. Talking about selfies, we can’t miss Selfie


The Selfie Sticks help you with some awesome photography by fitting in yourself and your background perfectly in a frame.


Many people are able to travel the world using just a smartphone or an iPad for their source of internet. Especially if you’re travelling for work laptop is a must. Even for leisure travel, laptop can come handy for you if have to co-ordinate for some work. This happens sometimes though you’re on a vacation. Also, you could watch movies and play music if you’re in a budget hotel or an outdoor camp. It is important that the laptop is small, lightweight and compact

E Reader

For the love of reading, carry an E reader. Long flights, waiting at the airport and long queues at the immigration. There is a lot of waiting during travel where reading can help you kill time. Also, if you’re a voracious reader this is a must. Let me sum it up for you by stating three reasons to carry an e reader:

You save space rather than carrying many people. You can download as many books you want on an e reader.

  1. E power consume very less power. You can go on for days without charging it.
  2. They are lightweight and perfect for travel.

Tablets If you’re not a laptop person, it’s okay. Tablets are faster,lighter, useful and they’re cheaper too. For entertainment, web browsing, photo and video storage and most other travel tasks, a tablet is a good choice. You can do almost anything on a tablet and it is the most recommended gadget to carry. With a tablet, you have a smartphone, a laptop and an e Reader.


Think about all the times you travel, whether it’s for business or leisure. Maybe you’re going home to reconnect with the friends and family. In any event, chances are high that you’d like pictures to commemorate the occasion. There’s an equal chance that you instinctively reach for your smartphone anytime you feel a photo-op coming on. But is it really the best option to gather your friends and family to smile at an object you use to take trivial selfies and candid photos of people sleeping on the subway? It’s time to think about a getting a camera made for travelers.

The size, weight and the ability to take quality photos is what initially drew us to this camera. When travelling, having items in your backpack that weigh very little is a high priority.


Drones are changing the game for artistic photography and videography. With the latest products offering the best features like 4K HD technology, you can now get amazing aerial shots of your travels or take photos on angles that are not possible with a regular camera or smartphone. If you are a photography enthusiast, this would make your travel more exciting.

Before taking your drone abroad, make sure to read up on the latest (ever-evolving) local laws regarding possession and usage. Because drone technology is so new and law enforcement around the world have growing concerns with issues of surveillance and aviation safety, the rules continue to change. Taking necessary precaution might mean leaving your drone at home or simply applying for permission ahead of time will save you the stress of handing over your equipment at customs.


A nice pair of headphones or earbuds is a great travel accessory. Having music really helps make flights more enjoyable. Noise cancellation headphones enchant you with wonderful sound, everywhere: in planes, trains, busses, waiting hall as these places tend to be noisy, your travel headphones should be able to attenuate outside noise effectively.

Portable Hard Drives

We have thousands of photos and videos from our numerous trips around the world. Rather than jam-packing our laptops with these files or trying to upload them to the Cloud or a drop box with slow internet, carry external hard drives. Not only are these hard drives useful for storage and backup of our precious memories, but you can also carry movies, tv shows, documentaries and music albums.

Plug Adapters

Plug adapters are just the metal plug ends that let your home country’s plugs fit the foreign plugs. There are quite a few multi-adapters that have 4 or 5 country’s plugs all on one unit. This will help you charge your smartphones, Laptops, tablets, Cameras and all the electronics you carry conveniently.

These are some of the useful Gadgets to carry during travel. Figure what are most convenient and appropriate for you and carry them for a better travel experience.

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