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Car rental software

The key features of the car rental booking software can be easily customized to meet the demands of your business website. Our team of...

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Taxi Booking Software and Rental System

Created by: Carbookingsystem
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Car rental software

The key features of the car rental booking software can be easily customized to meet the demands of your business website. Our team of developers is constantly assessing client needs in order to provide a booking software tailored to specific car rentals. Whether you offer car for hire booking or other rental service, it can be configured to showcase your services and book them right from your website.

Blue Bird

The Blue Bird system shows a strong understanding of Car Rental Business procedure, as all of the three qualified companies do. They have very good data reporting. Customer support is also very good. Where they fall short is in the choice of architecture, client server on a progress database, which limits accessibility and makes the initial setup more difficult and time consuming. It also limits the ability to use the system for sales, such as with online reservations, partner access and third party system integrations. The architecture also makes the interface look outdated. Their choice of network is fair. The system is very good nevertheless. They are middle of the pack for pricing.

Rent Centric

Rent Centric is the newest company of the three, existing for 15 years. They too demonstrate a strong understanding of Car Rental procedure. We did find, when entering Spanish data, there were validations that needed to be fixed. Those were quickly resolved however. After getting past this point, we saw that the system was pleasant to use, easy to learn. The reporting engine is advanced. Some reports were more detailed with Blue Bird and TSD but others more detailed with Rent Centric. The reporting tool Rent Centric used is Crystal Reports based, which is better able to handle exports and server load than the Blue Bird reporting system. The architecture is a .Net cloud system like TSD. However, Rent Centric separates each client implementation in its own operating environment, so they are more welcoming to customization requests and are less expensive to make changes with. The host network reliability is probably the best of the three. The Rating engine is highly advanced. Bundled in is a capable online reservations interface. They offer significantly more choices of merchant accounts to select from, for integrated credit card processing. They have a GDS chain code and are therefore able to offer access to travel agent reservations sources, as does TSD but not Blue Bird (however this business model is based on cut throat pricing to compete and there are fees and resource commitments involved). Also, they offer integrated GPS technology solutions, Car Share business automation and other models like that, which we found quite intriguing and forward thinking. We liked that Rent Centric lists their prices on their website and they are the least expensive of the three.


In this group, TSD is the longest serving system in the industry, so their understanding of the business process is likely the best. The architecture is .Net cloud based like Rent Centric’s, so it is more up to date than Blue Bird. Analyzing the TSD system showed strong advantages on one side and a some disadvantages on the other. The TSD system has the most functionality of the three. However it seems that this is because they developed custom logic for clients over time and included them all in the same platform build. So the functionality may not necessarily be helpful or relevant for many. The cluttering effect makes the system not the most user-friendly, somewhat difficult to navigate through, even though the interface formatting is very clean. TSD offers 24/7 customer phone technical support. Charges may apply, however, if a call is found out to be related to a customer side issue. Worth noting, TSD offer GDS connectivity, as with Rent Centric, through their partners, to access booking opportunity from travel agents. This is a very good and mature system that should be considered when researching for a car rental program. Certain things stand out though that reduced the likability for us but that may be different for others. One thing we did not like about TSD is their pricing policy which is not straightforward. There are many license components that you find out as you move along in discussions. Expect to negotiate to get the best deal. TSD is the highest priced system of the three.

To know more about us, please visit You can call us at +91.9742670797 / 1.347.709.7902 and email us at

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