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Officekit HR is a multipurpose Please Login To Participate In This Circle

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Employee Management Software | Employee Manag

Created by: Officekithr
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Officekit HR is a multipurpose human resource management system. Handle employees in a more innovative manner using HR management software in the organization.

The cloud-based interface allows you to access on the move. The software has
multiple features such as employee self-service, leave and attendance
management, document management, payroll management, talent analytics, and
additional features for alert and emailing, transfer and promotions, full and
final settlement, and shift management feature.

Product Features:

Let’s have a look at the advanced features of Office kit HR with key features to help HR to streamline their operations effectively. Following are the features of this software.

1. Employee Profile Management- The office kit HR version helps you to manage
the profile of as many employees. Each and every data about the employee is safe in
the cloud-based software.

2. Leave and Attendance Management- No need to mark each employee’s attendance manually
! Officekithr keeps attendance of each employee updated. Automates the
process of attendance management using a biometric system and keeps the track
of punch in and punch outthe timing of employees more precisely.

3. Document Management- Document
management is no more a bundled job in the organization. This advanced version
of office kit HR helps to track, manage and store documents of all the

4. Security and Administration- Keep your official data safe and secured at

one place using the cloud-based officekithr software. Every user has their own
login credentials, and the only person with the exact credential enter into their
personal account. HR could handle and view employee’s profile, whereas
employees can only view their personal profile.

5. Reports and Insights- Get a
comprehensive report of your business easily. The solution keeps a track on all
the metrics and gives you down-to-the-minute historical data about your
business and audience through easy-to-digest and easy-to-create reports.

6. Payroll Management- Office kit HR Software administers employee’s
payment details payments and records that includes wages, salaries,
bonuses, net pay, and deductions. Payroll software automatically generates pay
slips and keeps the HR updated about the government guidelines of taxes and

7. Shift Management Software– officekithr provides the best shift management with a powerful automation
module. It is very simple to use yet very helpful in managing the
employee’s working hours. Shift management is a transparent process if you
automate the process using the HR software.

8. Recruitment Management Software- Recruitment is
no more a tedious process if you start adhering to the right software. Use
officekithr and feel the ease of coordinating the entire recruitment process.
Recruitment is not a tedious process with multiple steps rather it is the more
easy process if you stick on to officekithr.

9. Performance Management Software
Analyze the performance of your employees more accurately using officekithr.
Officekithr provides you the sound performance management module that makes the
work of HR simpler. No need to have the long tracking of performance management
manually anymore, use the right software and

10. Employee Self Service Software – Provide your employees
with access to their payroll details and personal records through
employee self-service. They could change their personal details including
contact, personal address, banking information etc. ESS also supports in administrative
tasks so that HR tasks are more simplified.

11. Talent Analytics Software
revolutionize the entire concept of HR software with the creative module talent
analytics. Get the transparent view of your workforce with the relevant data
and make better future decisions in the workforce. Have the best data analytics
using officekithr.

12. HR Analytics Software – HR analytics
software in officekithr provides complete information about workforce to the
HR professionals. Easily analyze the productivity and take decisions for the
better goals. Reward the best employee for finding out the best one and
create relevant changes accordingly. Take the best decision in the organization
with a deliberate focus on business value.

13. Training Software for Employees - Get the best training software for employees using officekithr.
Empower your employees with the best application of training software.
Employees could seamlessly send requests to the manager if they need to have
training in any particular technology. In real-time managers could handle and
know the difference.

14. Travel Management Software
Officekithr provides the better travel management software. Employees could
easily request for their travel needs through officekithr. Managers could in
real-time understand their travel needs and manage the employees accordingly.

15. WPS & Payroll Software
WPS & Payroll management software is one of the prior important software
for almost all the different types of businesses. Officekithr regulates and
coordinates all the WPS and payroll calculation with maximum accuracy. Get the
best payroll and WPS software to minimize errors, time-consumption, and effort.
Let your employee enjoys the brand of your organization.

Toknow more details about our Software, visit our website

Contact Name:

Contact No: +91-9061249995

Landline No: 04952353323



Address: M2H Infotech
LLP, UL Cyber Park, Calicut – 673016, Kerala, India

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