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When building your dream home, you take careful measures to ensure the master’s suite turns out exactly as you have envisioned it to be – your safe haven. After all, it’s where you...

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Bespoke furniture can save space in your home

Created by: theglobe
Circle Type: Information
Circle Category: Home & Garden
Circle Location: UK
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When building your dream home, you take careful measures to ensure the master’s suite turns out exactly as you have envisioned it to be – your safe haven. After all, it’s where you can let go of everything, relax, and de-stress after a long and busy day. Ideally, a bed, an armoire, an easy chair, and a small desk are all the essential bespoke bedroom furniture pieces you’ll need. However, you should anticipate the influx of clutter as you settle in. This is where bespoke furniture becomes handy.

A Fusion of Function and Aesthetics

Even if you don’t mean to fill your room with too much clutter, you could still unintentionally amass furniture, miscellaneous items, and knickknacks over the years. That could ruin your efforts to go minimalist in your bedroom, because you’ll realize there is a big drawback to it – lack of storage spaces for your accumulated thingamajigs. Try as you might, you’ll end up “cluttering” the room further by purchasing extra cabinets and drawers to store miscellaneous items. Bringing in clutter to solve the problem of clutter is never a good idea. Nevertheless, bespoke wardrobes and furniture can solve the problem for you, minus the clutter. How is that possible? Custom-made furniture allows you to envision or design furniture pieces for your bedroom that serve more than one purpose. A wardrobe customized to suit your needs can be a discreet but versatile way to store your clothes and other items without the need for big bulky cabinets. You could ask the artisan to design it in such a way that on the outside, it looks like one solid piece of furniture, but inside, it’s full of nifty compartments for storing smaller stuff.

Going All Out

You could go all out with bespoke furniture by opting for a leather bed with storage. It combines the elegance and class of a first rate bed with the versatility of having several storage compartments all in one. A customized leather bed with secret compartments would surely add form and functionality to your bedroom. Aesthetically, a leather bed can add beauty to your bedroom and enhance its theme. However, including storage compartments in it makes it an even more practical choice for your personal domain. Leather beds with storage usually have several compartments built into the integral structure of the bed, which can then be used to store any number of items such as clothing, bed sheets, or other personal articles. Leather beds with storage come either with pre-built drawers or with a false bottom that can accommodate the items for storage. Have smaller bespoke wardrobes with smaller compartments built and placed strategically in your bedroom. Just make sure the design matches that of the leather bed.

Why You Should Consider a Bespoke Leather Bed

Leather beds with storage are generally built to be sturdier than the average bed. Nevertheless, extra care should be taken not to ruin the body, not only because it would mar the naturally beautiful look of the leather but also because any dents or scratches on the bed frame can impair its functionality. Just like a normal leather bed, customized leather beds with storage come in every possible design and color scheme. Obviously, though, black and brown rank as the most popular options. Bespoke furniture like a leather bed with storage may take up more space than a regular bed, but it more than makes up for it with its sheer versatility and functionality as a discreet storage space. With customized bedroom furniture, you no longer have to worry about cluttering your house with bulky, unwanted cabinets or drawers since you can conveniently place all that you need to store inside the secreted compartments of the bed.

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